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Flexible funding is crucial

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The endowment and philanthropic donations enable us to be nimble so we can respond to new opportunities and shifting priorities in biomedical research.”

Dr. Bruce Stillman, President and CEO

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Please join Marilyn H. Simons, Ph.D., chairman of the CSHL Board of Trustees, on a tour of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

Honor roll of donors

Lifetime contributions of $5 million+

Dr. and Mrs. Lalit R. Bahl
The Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Jamie C. Nicholls and O. Francis Biondi
Mr. and Mrs. David Boies – Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP
The Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative DAF, an advised fund of Silicon Valley Community Foundation
The Dana Foundation
Mrs. Norris W. Darrell Jr.
Barbara J. Amonson and Vincent J. Della Pietra
Pamela Hurst-Della Pietra and Stephen Della Pietra
DeMatteis Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Dolan – Dolan Family Foundation
The William Stamps Farish Fund
Charitable Lead Annuity Trust-Will of Louis Feil
Jacob Goldfield
Kate Medina Guthart and Leo A. Guthart
The Leona M.and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Kelter
David H. Koch*
Laurie Landeau Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Lindsay and family
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Lister
Ivana Stolnik-Lourie and Robert W. Lourie
The Lustgarten Foundation
Lucille P. Markey Charitable Trust
Nancy Abeles Marks
The G. Harold and Leila Y. Mathers Charitable Foundation
Mercer Family Foundation
The Don Monti Memorial Research Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Morgan
New York Empire State Development Corporation
Pershing Square Foundation
Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Leon Polsky
The Quick Family
Charles and Marie Robertson Family
Edith Seligson
The Simons Foundation
Drs. Marilyn and James Simons
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
St. Giles Foundation
The Starr Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Stone
The Swartz Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Taubman
The Thompson Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. James D. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wendt III
The Roy J. Zuckerberg Family Foundation

* Deceased

$1 million+ or $100,000+

Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie
Rita Allen Foundation, Inc.
The Bahnik Foundation
Carson Family Charitable Trust
The Mary K. Chapman Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Chernoff – MARS
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick H. Cushman
Davenport Family Foundation
Michel David-Weill*
Del Vecchio Family Foundation
Estate of Meleanor Deming
Laura and John Desmarais
Oliver S. and Jennie R. Donaldson Charitable Trust
Edward P. Evans Foundation
Elizabeth Cogan Fascitelli and Michael D. Fascitelli
Douglas and Christine Fox
Robert A. Gay
Mr. and Mrs. Ilan Gluzman
Miriam and Alan E. Goldberg Foundation
Lola Goldring
The Oliver R. Grace Family
Michael J. Griffin
Guru Krupa Foundation, Inc.
Irving Hansen Foundation
Janet Strauss and Jeff Hawkins
Jo-Ellen and Ira Hazan
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Heartfelt Wings Foundation
Ms. Elizabeth McCaul and Mr. Francis Ingrassia
Jorge Family Foundation
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Kissinger Family Foundation
Peter Klein – Claire Friedlander Family Foundation
Knott Family Foundation
Vesna and Tomislav Kundic
Betsy and Bryan H. Lawrence
The Lehrman Institute
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Lessing
Jerome Levy Foundation
Mary D. Lindsay*
Louis Morin Charitable Trust
The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research
Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer
Estates of Florence and Harold & Ethel McNeill
Gillian and Eduardo Mestre
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Millard
William R. Miller*
Drs. Michelle Pacht and Ian Mohr
Northwell Health
William C. and Joyce C. O’Neil Charitable Trust
The Pfizer Foundation
Pfizer, Inc.
Amy and John Phelan
The Mary Ruchalski Foundation
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas A. Saunders III
Judy Gibbons and Francesco Scattone
Alison Holtzschue and Douglas Schloss
Wendy and Eric Schmidt – Schmidt Futures
Eleanor Schwartz Charitable Foundation
The Seraph Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Silber
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Slatkin
Pearl F. Staller*
Cynthia Rossbach Stebbins
Swim Across America Nassau-Suffolk
Waclaw Szybalsk, D.Sc.*
Diana Taylor
TD Bank
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart T. Weisbrod
Anne Wojcicki Foundation
Dr. George Yancopoulos – Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

* Deceased


AKF Group
Mary and Paul Auersperg
Caroline E. Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Hans E.R. Bosch
The Darlene Carbone Brain Tumor Foundation
Cedar Hill Foundation
Centerbrook Architects and Planners, LLC
Ellen and Casey Cogut
Daniela Conte Foundation
Frank and Janet DellaFera Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory DeRosa – G2D Development Corp
Dr. Lee MacCormick Edwards Charitable Foundation
Ike, Molly & Steven Elias Foundation
Boomer Esiason Foundation
Friends of TJ Foundation
Francis Goelet Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Gottlieb
The Marc Haas Foundation
Mark and Danielle Hamer
Carissa and James Jordan
Annette Kade Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Errol Kitt
Liz’s Day For Breast Cancer Research
Maddie’s Promise
Manhasset Women’s Coalition Against Breast Cancer
Michael Maturo – RXR Co Property Management LLC
The Meier and Linnartz Family Foundation
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
The New York Community Trust
Northwell Health
Katie Oppo Research Fund
Michelle Paternoster Foundation
Patricia J. Petersen – Daniel Gale Sotheby’s International Realty
George Petrocheilos – Catalio Capital Management, LP
Lyon Polk – Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Linda Johnson and Bruce Ratner
Christina Renna Foundation
The River Foundation
Geoff Robertson – Robertson Family Foundation
Christine Anderson and Jake Siewert
Skanska USA Building, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Dustin Smith
Mary and Vincent Striano – Striano Electric Co., Inc.
Three Strohm Sisters Family Foundation
The Wasily Family Foundation


Alpha/Omega Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. W. Dillaway Ayres Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred H. Baron
Stephen Barrrese – Dilworth & Barrese, LLP
Deborah Coyle Benjamin
Ed Blaskey – Webster Bank
Laura Louise Breyer
Broad Hollow Bioscience Park
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Calabrese Jr.
Eric and Keri Carlstrom
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Celestino
Estate of Jane H. Choate
Dr. Bayard D. Clarkson
Frederic R. Coudert Foundation
Denise R. Coyle
Nelson R. DeMille
Quentin Dolan
Drs. Miki and David Donoho
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Eichorn
David Einbinder
Fera Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Gaudreau
Tom Giarraputo – Executive Cleaning Services
Stephanie and Gregory Gibbons
Dr. and Mrs. Philip Goelet
Michael and Nicole Graziano
Susan T. Harris
G. Thompson Hutton – Geoffrey Beene Foundation
Ashley and Gabriel Jostrom
Dr. and Mrs. Joel J. Kassimir
Carmela and John Kelly
Terri and Peter Keogh
Andrea B. and Peter D. Klein
Gordon Lamb – Jefferson Family Charitable Foundation
Melissa and Nick Leopard
Miles Alpern Levin Philanthropic Fund
David and Cynthia Lippe
Emma Liu
Madelyn and Carl Lombardi
Bridget and John Macaskill
Christine Masata
National Grid
National Grid Foundation
Susanne Olin
O’Neill Family Charitable Trust
Eileen and Jonathan Otto
Lauryl and Robert Palatnick
David P. Pearson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Pitts
William Townsend Porter Foundation
Cheryl and John Pufahl
Marina and Thomas Purcell
Rita and Lewis Ranieri
Erin Rechler – The Morton and Beverly Rechler Family Foundation
Drs. Christina Bucci-Rechtweg and Jay Rechtweg
John R. Reese
Joe Roberto – BankUnited, N.A.
The Pamela & Richard Rubinstein Family Fund
Peter Scalamandre & Sons, Inc.
Alicia Zarou Scanlon and Richard T. Scanlon
Frank Sciame
Mark and Valerie Seelig
Jesse and Linda Silver
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Smith III – Geier Foundation
John Sobolewski
Stand Up For Suzanne
The Stebbins Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Stillman
The Laurie Strauss Leukemia Foundation
Anne D. Thomas
Dori and Peter Tilles
Ambassador and Mrs. George Tsunis
Paul and Robin Vermylen
The Bradley Zankel Foundation


Aboff’s, Inc.
Ally Anesthesia, PLLC
Anthony Acerra – ALC Steel Corporation
Paul Amoruso – Oxford & Simpson Realty Services, Inc.
Edward Anderson – X-Cell Insulation
Michael Asta – Asta Law, L.P.
Baranay Family Foundation
Eric Belfi
Partners at Bessemer Venture Partners
Hadley and Ryan Bohn
Mike Botto – Botto Mechanical Corp
Brown Altman & DiLeo, LLP
John Callaghan – Callaghan LLP
Lawrence and Teresa Cantwell
Capital Group
Mary and Richard Catalano
Kate Calabrese Chapman
Steven M. Chestler
Rita M. Cleary
Susan Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Connors
Dr. Marian Conway – New York Community Bank Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Elliot S. Conway – Dau Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Cook
Carlo Cuzzi – Triumph Construction
Alessandro and Leslie Delfino
Tracy Dellomo – UBS Financial Services
Sarah Edwards
Lauren Emr, Esq.
Rick Flamio – Tri State Dismantling Corp
Michael L. Focazio – Carissa Maringo Fund
Jim Ford – Eppendorf North America, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fox
Amit Gandhi
GEI Consulting Engineers & Scientists
Gil-bar Health and Life Sciences
Bernard F. and Alva B. Gimbel Foundation
H2M Architects + Engineers
Robin Hadley
The Hastings Foundation, Inc.
Donald Hehir & Associates LLC
Mary Jane Helenek
Robin and Jim Herrnstein
Drs. May Lim and Z. Josh Huang
Joan M. Hutchins
International Asbestos Removal Inc.
Drs. Nancy and Ron Israeli
Alan Jakimo
Susan and John Kean – Kean Development Company, Inc.
Michael Keenan – Wells Fargo Private Bank
Louise Hochberg and Brian Lee
Lessing’s, Inc.
Robert A. Levey – Certified Interiors
Rita and Art Levinson
Long Island Real Estate Group
Dr. Jean Cacciabaudo and Dr. William Maiorino
Patricia Marcin
Robert L. Marcus
Masthead Cove Yacht Club, Inc.
Edward E. Matthews
Christopher McIntosh – J.P. Morgan
Stephen Melore – Farrell Fritz
Michele M. Miroff
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Nattis
Hugh and Arianne O’Kane
Stacey Mon Paci
Debbie Parmet
Corine and Sean Perrotta
Ira Platt
Jeremy Pole – Boilermatic Welding Industries, Inc.
Whitney Posillico
Nicole and Charlie Prizzi
Drs. Marjorie J. van de Stouwe and Scott J. Ratner
Dr. Stephen Ross – Nikon Instruments, Inc.
Dr. and Mrs. Raju Sarwal
Gordon L. Seaman, Inc.
Peter Smith
Drs. Mona and David Spector
Spionkop Charitable Trust
Carmella L. Stephens – Carter, DeLuca and Farrell
Summit Health
Lara Trafelet
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Travaglianti Jr.
John B. Vermylen
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Weiss
Craig A. Weiss – T. Weiss Realty Group
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Wigler
Ann Eden Woodward Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. David Zuklie


A.K.F. International, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Andrews
Debra and Scott Arenare
Dorothy T. Baldwin
Joanne Berger-Sweeney and Urs Berger
Judy Bernhangc
Michael Botchan
Linda Riefler and Christopher Boyatt
Vincent and Patricia Breitenbach
Dr. Steven Brenner
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy S. Broadbent
Patrick J. Broderick Memorial Foundation
Barbara and Christopher Callaghan
Carol and Stephen Canter
Louise Parent and John Casaly
Sophia & William J. Casey Foundation
John Catalano
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Davison II
Joseph DeBellis
Peter DiConza
Ashley H. Dooley
Ross Draber
Carol Durkin
Frederick W. Engel
First National Bank of L.I.
Anthony Giorgio – B&G Electrical Contractors
Joseph L. Goldstein
Joseph Grgas
Thomas C. Gsell
Frank and Lynn Gundersen
Mr. and Mrs. Chris A. Hadjandreas
Margaret M. Hargraves
Gwen Harris, M.D.
Allison Heaney
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Heathwood
William A. Herzog
James B. Hoover
Douglas and Robin Horn
Patricia and Joseph Iannucci
Walter B. James Fund No. 2
Dr. Leemor Joshua-Tor
Drs. Kathleen and Victor Klein
Shahnaz Batmanghelidj and Radford W. Klotz
Laureen and Ragnar Knutsen
Magdalene Koumas
James Large and Carol Large
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leeds
Kevin G. Mahony
Adam Maib
Jane and Philip Mallinson
Ruth S. McElheny
Neil and Amy McGoldrick Foundation
The Elena Melius Foundation
George Lindsay, Jr. and Nancy Metz
Jeanne Moutoussamy-Ashe
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen V. Murphy
Nitorum Capital, LP
Norwood Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Thomas Parissidi
Rhoda Parmet
Kenneth E. Paskoff Fund
Pilkington Family Fund
Joseph J. Pollaci
Porter Braden Fund at the Rhode Island Foundation
Scott Quehl
Mr. and Mrs. Bennet Rechler
Meaghan O’Brien Reyes
Bernard and Anne Reynolds
Teddy Richmond
Ritter Family Foundation
Joseph Roberto
Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. William Roche
Linda Rodgers
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Rubin
Mark J. Schlesinger
Tami and Scott Schneider
Robin and Enrique Senior
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Soref
James and Jane Spingarn
Pat and Jim Stewart
Catherine Sullivan
Robert Taglich
Pamela M. Thye
Patricia W. Timpson
Jacob Toledano
Universe Kogaku (America), Inc.
Janice and Halsted Vander Poel
Dr. and Mrs. Robert F. Vizza
Douglas A. Warner III
Christine Wasserstein
Gerald I. White
Sandy and Jennifer Williams
Steve and Georgene Winick
Eleanor Grosz and Lawrence J. Zweifach

In-kind gifts

Kris Amplo
Mary Auersperg
Besito Mexican
Bethpage Federal Credit Union
Ed Blaskey
Michael Bohlsen
Bon Bons Chocolatier
Pien Bosch
By Elke
Dr. Jean Cacciabaudo
Trudy Calabrese
Eric Carlstrom
Eddie Chernoff
Rosemary Connors, Living
Kelley Danek
Debra Del Vecchio
Tracy Dellomo, UBS
Nelson DeMille
Duck Island Bakery
Lauren Emr
Estée Lauder
The Farm Italy
Fiorello Dolce
Amit Gandhi
The Garden City Hotel
Stephanie and Brandon Garrett
Dagnia and Walter Goldschmidts
Mollie Good
Mary Jane Helenek
Hicks Nursery
Rich Humann
Huntington Country Club
Huntington Indoor Tennis
Nancy Israeli
Carissa Jordan
Kathy Kammer, Country Club Studios
Michael Kammer, Vinocity Selections
Jeff Kelter
Kerber’s Farm
Ginny Kitt
Sarah Kitt
La Selva Farms
Nick Leopard
Holly Logan Art
Maddy Lombardi
Tom Milana, Stellina
Danny Miller
Nassau Country Club
Nassau Flyers
Karen Orzel
Eileen Otto
The Paramount
Pfizer, Inc.
Nicole and Charlie Prizzi
Pfizer, Inc.
R&S Meat Market
Erin Rechler
Joe Roberto
Stephen Ross, Nikon
Sandbar, Lessing’s, Inc.
Raj Sarwal
Alicia Scanlon, Karmic Grind
Tom Schaudel
Sedoni Gallery
The Shed
Laura Slatkin, NEST
Dominique Stanley
Carmella Stephens
Bruce Stillman
Mary and Vince Striano
Suzanne Christensen Interiors
Sweetie Pies
Jenny Tang
Peter Tilles
John Topolovec
Gabby Travaglia
Edward Travaglianti, Jr.
Trophy Hunter Montauk Charter
John Tuke
Stephen Ubertini
Marjorie van de Stouwe
Veronica Beard
Wells Fargo
Barbara Winston
Dave Zuklie

Contributions in honor of

Dr. Jillian Berkman
Pien Bosch
Kristina Perkin Davison
Celia and Wally Gilbert
Jeffrey Kelter
Virginia Knott
Marc Krieg
Robert Lindsay
Robin Bowers and Wayne Manos
Laurie Landeau and Robert Maze
Peggy Milonas
Jamie Nicholls
Karen Orzel
Police Federation of Australia
Louis Ranieri
Michael Schatz, Ph.D
Douglas Schloss
Douglas Schloss
Scotto Family
Edith Seligson
Dominique Stanley
Joan Tilney
Dave Tuveson
Ms. Judy Tassone and Dr. Richard Weinshank
Stu Weisbrod

Contributions in memory of

Steven Allygon
Donald W. Bedell
Agnes Borg
Ellen Brenner
Robert Cafferkey
Giliybardo “Gil” Carranza
John P. Cleary
Beverly Ferber
Molly Friedman
Michael Ginor
Yakov Gluzman
Dr. Christopher G. Goff
Alan Goldstein
Mary-Juliet Athana Griffin
Teresa Haire
Laura Cole Heisey
Barbara Hoover
William Keen
Amar J.S. Klar
Mary Knight
David Knott
Shula Koton
Mary D. Lindsay
Dr. Fred Lobovsky
Andrew Mann
Joyce Marcus
Carissa Maringo
Olga Markarian
Frank Morelli
Peter Paternoster
Steven Phillips
John Roosevelt
Mary Ruchalski
Linda Sabatini
Diane Emdin Sachs
Sherman Schiff
Robin Schild
Susan Schultz
Alan Seligson
Jordan Shackelford
Dr. Robert Silverman
James F. Stebbins
Jason Stewart
Laurence Straub
Steven Strongin
Sylvia Taubman
Edward Travaglianti
Nancy Trotta
Rajani Lakshmi Velivela
Marjorie von Stade
Eva Weider
Norton Zinder
Mark Zoller

Create a legacy that will improve people’s lives through discovery

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s Helix Society honors the generous friends who inform us of their commitment to our research and science education programs by naming us in their wills or through other kinds of planned gifts. Members are invited to special events and recognized in CSHL publications.

Mr. and Mrs. W. Dillaway Ayres, Jr.
Caroline E. Bassett
Elise Best
Marjorie Bhavnani
Mrs. Willliam M. Blair, Jr.
John Broven
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Calabrese, Jr.
Vicki Gruber Callahan
Kate Calabrese Chapman
Edward A. Chernoff
Dr. Bayard D. Clarkson
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick H. Cushman
Henriette Darrell
Jane Duggan
Jan Eisenman
Mary Epstein
Michael L. Focazio
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas B. Fox
John H. Friedman
Jean G. Gardiner
Drs. Joan E. Brooks and James I. Garrels
Robert A. Gay
Eleanor J. Greenan
Michael J. Griffin
Michael Gurtowski
Robin Hadley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. Hamer
Margaret Hargraves
Mr. and Mrs. Herman M. Heinemann
Mrs. Valdemar F. Jacobsen
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Klein
Dr. Daniel F. Klessig
Laurie J. Landeau, V.M.D.
Mrs. Leslie S. Learned
Mrs. Henry Lewis III
Lisa M. Manche
Dr. Marcia Kramer Mayer
Michele M. Miroff
Susan Morgan
Richard S. Overton
Ann Parkinson
Margaret S. Pomeroy
John S. Popeleski
Whitney F. Posillico
Dr. Gregory Prelich
Nicole and Charlie Prizzi
John R. Reese
Edith Seligson
Jeffrey Shellan, Ph.D
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Sicherman, O.D.
Suzanne Slocum
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Spingarn
Pearl F. Staller*
Cynthia R. Stebbins
Dr. Robert Tjian
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart T. Weisbrod
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wendt III


Community support

CSHL Association

photo of the 2022 Cold Spring Harbor Association directors
2022 Cold Spring Harbor Association directors

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Association Directors are instrumental in raising funds to support CSHL. Directors generously host outreach events and introduce friends and colleagues to CSHL to raise awareness of CSHL’s cutting-edge research and education programs.


Kristin Smith, President
Mark Hamer, Treasurer and Vice President
Elizabeth Ainslie, Co-Secretary
Ron Gottlieb, Co-Secretary


Mary Auersperg
Hans E.R. Bosch
Christina Bucci-Rechtweg
Eric Carlstrom
Edward A. Chernoff
Debra Del Vecchio
Frank DellaFera
Nelson DeMille
Quentin Dolan
David Einbinder
Kelly Gaudreau
Carissa Jordan
Ashley Jostrom
Joel Kassimir, M.D.
Jack Kelly
Terri Keogh
Peter Klein
Errol Kitt
Nick Leopard
Emma Liu
Madelyn Lombardi
Christine Masata
Michael Maturo
Marcia Kramer Mayer
Michèle Bahnik Mercier
Nina Monell Morton
Eileen Otto
Patricia Petersen
George Petrocheilos
Whitney F. Posillico
Rita Ranieri
Alicia Zarou Scanlon
Lonnie Shoff
Linda Silver
Hope Geier Smith
Mary Striano
Peter Tilles
Lara Trafelet

Honorary Directors

Pien Bosch
Trudy Calabrese
Ginny Knott
Anne R. Meier
Cathy Cyphers Soref
Pearl F. Staller*
Cynthia R. Stebbins
Pat Woods

* Deceased

Corporate Advisory Board

photo of Frank Della Fera with Bruce Stillman
2022 Golf honoree Frank DellaFera with CSHL President & CEO Dr. Bruce Stillman

The Corporate Advisory Board (CAB) is composed of local business leaders with a primary goal of raising funds through our annual golf tournament and raising awareness for the Laboratory throughout the business community.


Edward A. Chernoff, MARS, Chairman


Michael Aboff
David Altman
Paul Amoruso
Todd Andrews
Stephen R. Barrese
Eric Belfi
Edward Blaskey
Ryan J. Bohn
Jean Cacciabaudo, M.D.
Thomas J. Calabrese
John T. Callaghan
John D. Catalano
Richard A. Catalano
Jonathan Connors
Marian Conway, Ph.D.
Denis Cullen
Phil D’Avanzo
Alessandro Delfino
Tracy Dellomo
Gregory DeRosa
Lauren Emr, Esq.
Jim Ford
Brian Fox
Amit Gandhi
Tom Giarraputo
Stewart Gittelman
Thomas Gsell
Mary Jane Helenek
Richard W. Humann
Nancy Israeli, M.D.
Alan L. Jakimo
Patricia Janco-Tupper
John C. Kean III
Michael Keenan
Laurie J. Landeau, V.M.D.
Brian D. Lee
David Lessing
Patricia Marcin
Jeffrey L. Martin, M.D.
Chris McIntosh
Stephen F. Melore
Richard Nattis, M.D.
Robert Palatnick
John G. Passarelli, M.D.
David Peikon
Sean Perrotta
Nicole Prizzi
Erin Rechler
Joseph Roberto
Keith Rooney
Stephen Ross
Don Saladino
Raju Sarwal, M.D.
Carmella L. Stephens, Ph.D.
Edward Strohm
John Topolovec
Ed Travaglianti Jr.
Craig A. Weiss
Dave Zuklie

Double Helix Medals dinner

Thank you for all the good your organization has done and continues to do for mankind, and of course this includes your unwavering commitment to educating future generations of scientists.”

Albert Bourla, 2022 DHMD Honoree