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The Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation establishes the Robert David Lion Gardiner Chair of Library and Archives at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Cold Spring Harbor Lab
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The Robert D. L. Gardiner Foundation has made a $3 million-dollar commitment to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), establishing an endowment to name the Robert David Lion Gardiner Chair of Library and Archives. This endowment will support CSHL’s Library and Archives and the Center for Humanities’ broad educational programs in perpetuity. This gift will ensure that the mission of CSHL’s Library and Archives; to promote the appreciation of Suffolk County and the history of science and technology on

Long Island; will continue for generations to come. Ludmila Pollock, CSHL’s Executive Director of Library and Archives, will be the inaugural Robert D. L. Gardiner Chair.

Founded in 1890, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has made significant contributions to Long Island’s social, economic, and environmental history. With a focus on chronicling the history of molecular biology through the collections of prominent scientists, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library & Archives has acquired, preserved, and catalogued the personal collections of dozens of eminent scientists (including six Nobel laureates), and is home to a unique and valuable collection of books, journals, and online materials. The library is available to historians, scholars, scientists, artists and the public. In addition, the Archives hosts special meetings for Nobel laureates and other key scientific contributors to scientific discoveries that shape our lives.

As part of its mission to cultivate and promote interest in Long Island’s societal heritage, the Robert D. L. Gardiner Foundation sponsors institutions that inform the general public of the region’s historic contributions that have made, and continue to make, the world a better place. Inspired by these connections, CSHL is thrilled to partner with the Robert D. L. Gardiner Foundation to highlight historical links between scientific research, technological innovation, economic development, and life on Long Island.

Bruce Stillman, President and CEO of CSHL said “We are pleased and grateful to receive this prestigious recognition from the Robert David Lion Gardiner Foundation for the important work that CSHL’s Library and Archives does to educate students and the public and to preserve the rich history of science on Long Island.”