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Swim Across America and CSHL work together to combat cancer

Cold Spring Harbor Lab
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Swim Across America is a team effort and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is grateful that they have added other CSHL members to their arsenal of researchers working to find treatments and cures for cancer.

Joining Dr. Mikala Egeblad, are the labs of Dr. Semir Beyaz and Dr. John Moses who collaborate on the study of the development of small molecule therapeutics that boost metabolic fitness of immune cells for cancer therapy. The Beyaz Laboratory at CSHL focuses on discovering how nutrients and their metabolism affect tissue regeneration, immunity, and cancer. The Moses Laboratory at CSHL pioneered click chemistry approaches that allow the development of a wide range of functional molecules. An important yet unexplored direction in cancer research is harnessing the power of our immune cells to eliminate tumors safely and effectively. Funding from Swim Across America would allow their labs to build on their initial collaborative findings by supporting key experimental work. They  believe that these studies have great potential to lead to new effective, and safe therapeutic modalities for the treatment and prevention of cancer.

Swim Across America has given $1 million dollars in vital funding to CSHL researchers over the past thirteen years. SAA funding allows CSHL scientists to explore novel ideas and pursue cutting edge research.

CSHL swimmers and volunteers will once again join with Team Carolyn to support this event Sunday, July 30, 2023 in Glen Cove.

CSHL Association Director Steve Chestler and his children Caitlin and Gregory captain Team Carolyn in honor of their wife and mother who passed in 2021 of non- small cell lung cancer. A non-smoker and life- long athlete, Carolyn swam around Manhattan, the English channel relay twice as well as numerous other open water swims. Team Carolyn raised over $265,000 in their first year of fundraising with help from five CSHL swimmers and multiple volunteers.