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Mayor-elect Adams supports DNALC NYC education opportunities

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In September 2021, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and City University of New York opened a new DNA Learning Center (DNALC NYC) in Brooklyn, New York. At the opening ceremony, Mayor-elect Eric Adams commended the Center for its plans to provide hands-on science education to New York City students.

Established in 1988, the DNALC provides hands-on science and biotechnology training to over 30,000 middle and high school students every year in several facilities in the New York metropolitan area. Opening the Brooklyn facility will increase the number of students with access to biotechnology training. Adams hopes it will inspire more New York City students to pursue careers in science.

“I’m so proud to partner with an amazing institution. Our students, these predominantly black, brown, and immigrant students, are going to be on the cutting edge of new technology,” says Adams. “This is what and who we are. We’re the Empire State. This is where you come to build empires.”