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Policies on Borrowing Library Materials

Books and collections that must be used in the library

Archives and Special Collections materials may only be used in the library and only by appointment. For more information, please send an email to or call 516-367-8414.

In addition, books in the Reference collection must be used in the library only, as well as books in the Banbury Center library.

Other special materials

Library staff will retrieve On Reserve books for you, which may be borrowed. Courses books may be borrowed when not in use by a course. Also, you may request a book or books to be held for you to pick up at the Library.

Circulating collections

In general, the loan period for lendable materials is four weeks, but you may request renewals. If you’d like to borrow books from the other libraries (Delbruck, Demerec, Keck, James, Beckman), please fill in your name and the date on the book card (inside back cover) and drop the card in the library’s card box (there’s a box in each library), so that we and other patrons know that the book is not missing. We check the boxes regularly.

Please contact Paula Abisognio for further information, if you have questions, or if you’d like us to hold books for you (, extension 8479, room 108).

The Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library provides electronic resources (e.g., Journals, Books, or Abstracting databases) to support the instructional, research and service activities of CSHL staff and students. These resources are purchased or leased by the Library either directly or through consortia and are governed by license and contract agreements. Each license or contract, whether purchased individually or as a group, contains strict guidelines on the use of the resource.


Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory does not permit the illegal downloading and/or sharing of copyrighted material in any form or manner. Electronic resources are copyrighted and are subject to all applicable copyright and database protection rights under the laws of the United States and other countries. All utilizations of these products including downloading, printing or creating copies of content from these resources must be consistent with existing “fair use” law as defined by the copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code).

License Agreements and Contracts

Each electronic resource subscribed to or purchased includes a license agreement or contract that details permissions and restrictions on use. Common restrictions include, but are not limited to:

  • Materials may be used for scholarly, educational and/or scientific research purposes; any selling, distributing, licensing, or renting of materials for commercial uses is prohibited.
  • Materials may be used by authorized users only. Authorized users include Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory researchers, staff and students and those who have been allowed access to the Library’s computer workstations.
  • Authorized users may download, store on a PC (or other storage device), or print single copies of documents from the resource for his/her own non-commercial use, provided user maintains all copyright and other notices contained in such material.
  • Systematic and/or substantial downloading or reproduction of materials is prohibited. Only a reasonable number of records, articles or chapters may be downloaded for personal use. Use of Web crawlers, robots, or any other software packages or systematic searching tools or programs is forbidden.
  • Any proprietary and/or copyright notices, author attribution or disclaimers on the materials may not be deleted or modified.

Access Privileges

Individuals who do not comply with Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Library’s electronic resource licensing agreements/contracts will have their library access suspended.

Inappropriate use of materials may result in blocked access to the resources for all CSHL users.