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A literature search may be on a particular topic, by a particular research group, or by one or more keywords. You also may limit your search by publication title, date/range, article type (e.g., review articles only), number of articles, or many other parameters. Once your literature search request has been received, you will be contacted by a librarian, who will go through the specifics of your request with you. There are various ways the librarian can provide the results of your requested literature search. These include a list of citations, an EndNote library, or a set of full-text pdfs of articles. The librarian will discuss this with you, taking into consideration how you will use the results of the search.

To obtain a specific article or book that is not directly accessible to you online, CSHL members can submit their requests directly to ILLiad (Interlibrary Loan). Outside users will need to contact their own institution’s library.

Note: Literature searches and most ILLiad requests are free services to the CSHL community.

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