Student Perspective: Zina Perova

Zina Perova

Graduating Class of 2014

Undergraduate: St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University (Russia)

Charles A. Dana Fellow

'Challenging' – this would be how I describe the PhD Program in one word. 'Challenging and rewarding' – if you ask for two. The School is a unique place to pursue a PhD due to several reasons. The program is short and very intense. The first semester, which is solely dedicated to classes, allows you to get a solid foundation in various areas of biology. The classes are taught by the prominent faculty members as well as by invited speakers – experts in their fields. The school provides resources and support needed to succeed. It stands out from many other places due to its individual approach. Coming from a physics background and having little experience in biology I found particularly helpful the opportunity to discuss scientific aspects with faculty members and tutors provided by the school. The atmosphere is informal and you can easily discuss your ideas with the faculty and get valuable input either at their office or at Blackford bar. The number of collaborations is remarkable in CSHL, allowing the integrative approach to the questions one would like to pursue in scientific career. The world-known CSHL courses and meetings allow to get acquainted and be up-to-date with research in other areas.