Student Perspective: Zachary Lippman

Graduating Class of 2005

Undergraduate: Cornell University

Beckman Graduate Student

As a college senior, I searched for a graduate program offering top-notch research with an emphasis on fundamental biology. While many universities fit this mold, the School was the most novel and exciting in its approach to graduate education. Upon arriving, it didn't take me long to realize coming here was the best choice. In Dr. Rob Martienssen's lab, I have had the opportunity to work in a state-of-the-art laboratory using innovative technology, such as genomic microarrays. Working with outstanding PIs and postdocs who taught me the advanced tools I am using, I was able to publish a research article in Science by the beginning of my third year.

With respect to intellectual stimulation, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is second to none. Throughout the year there are meetings and post-graduate courses on a wide range of topics. During these times I am able to network with PIs within and outside of my field establishing connections for my future in science. It is clear that at the School a graduate education ventures well beyond the typical coursework and research program characteristic of many institutions.