Student Perspective: Rebecca Ewald

Rebecca Ewald

Graduating Class of 2006

Undergraduate: King's College London (UK)

Engelhorn Scholar

When you come to CSHL, you’ll see that this is a pretty small place. One of the nice things about it is that you get to know almost everybody, which makes it easy to interact with many different kinds of people, not only scientifically but also socially. This gives us students the opportunity to make our voices heard and count in the School and Lab community when it comes to policy decisions or life at the Lab.

One of my nicest experiences has been the extraordinary support I received from the entire Lab when I had the idea of organizing a photography show: FotoLab I and II exhibited pictures taken by a cross-section of all the people who work here. The show also sparked Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory's 'Artist in Residence' program, which has been very successful in getting young artists to come to the Lab during the summer months.