Student Perspective: Oliver Fregoso

Graduating Class of 2010

Undergraduate: University of California, Santa Cruz

Seraph Foundation Fellow
William Randolph Hearst Scholar

My decision to attend CSHL for graduate school was a straightforward one. I decided to choose a school that showed a clear dedication to both the students and the science – and I found it here. The WSBS offers an intense and accelerated program in the understanding, communication, and ethical issues of science. Classes focus on developing students as free thinkers, students who know what has been done in the past and who can build on that knowledge to attack new and emerging questions (excitingly, much of the historical knowledge was generated here at CSHL). Though the classes are rigorous, the faculty make available all the necessary means to succeed. They are interested in your education, not simply teaching a class. This is furthered through the exceptional two-tier mentoring program that encourages close contact between the students and multiple faculty members. Overall, there is a strong feeling of community, where you are known by your first name, not as just another student.