Student Perspective: Masafumi Muratani

Graduating Class of 2005

Undergraduate: University of Tsukuba (Japan)

George A. and Marjorie H. Anderson Fellow

What do you think?' my advisor always asks me. An important part of my training at the School is to learn how to think critically and independently, and how to develop new ideas through discussion. This training, however, is not theoretical; I have seen my ideas and thoughts actually shape the course of my research, and have realized that all of my activities here are part of an intellectual process at the forefront of science. Here, I have learned that the most exciting part of science exists within the process to create new ideas through dynamic interactions among hard-thinking people. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory provides a unique environment for these interactions. Some of the world's best scientists are working here, and thousands of others are visiting for meetings and courses, presenting their most recent work. This is a great environment for science and I enjoy it very much.