Student Perspective: Martyna Sroka

photo of lamb kissing Martyna Sroka

Entering Class of 2016

Undergraduate: University of Aberdeen, UK

Farish-Gerry Fellow

Since my first day at the School, I have been extremely impressed with how it operates. I am very fond of the uniquely structured curriculum: in the first semester of first year, I participated in a number of courses, which encompassed a wide range of scientific disciplines both from within and outside of my field of interest. The courses are intense but fun. My fellow students come from all around the world, representing diverse ethnicities, nationalities, and educational backgrounds, and I feel privileged learning alongside them and from them every day. The possibility of undertaking rotations in the second semester prior to choosing a thesis lab is extremely valuable to ensure that it’s a good match.

A generous stipend from the school means that I have access to state-of-the-art equipment and freedom to pursue bold and innovative ideas. I am able to attend scientific meetings and courses abroad, where I can not only learn from the leaders in my field but also share my findings with the community.

Living on picturesque Long Island offers a lot of exciting opportunities to make best use of your leisure time. With access to the harbor and surrounded by forests and parks, it’s a great place for sailing, kayaking, hiking or simply taking a stroll; and you’re always just a short train ride away from the Big Apple, where you can enjoy Broadway shows and museums or indulge in fine dining.

I have been a member of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory for two years now and it has surpassed my expectations. This vibrant community at the forefront of biological research has challenged me and allowed me to become a more well-rounded scientist and a better person. I am excited to continue working on my research project and advancing our understanding and treatment of pediatric cancers.