Student Perspective: Katie Liberatore

Graduating Class of 2014

Undergraduate: University of New Mexico

NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Starr Centennial Scholar

Apart from the wonderful academic and scientific environment, CSHL is set in a beautiful location right on the water in Cold Spring Harbor. Students, faculty and staff participate in a variety of on-campus activities including volleyball, sailing, yoga, barbecues, and even communal gardening in plots provided by the lab. Nature trails, parks and beaches are also abundant in the area. Moreover, dozens of restaurants, bars and shops as well as bowling allies and movie theaters are just a short drive off campus in the town of Huntington. And if you want to escape the area for the day, you can drive east along the North Fork of Long Island for a tour of the wine country or head west by train into Manhattan for all that the city has to offer. In essence, it is a great place to be as a graduate student!