Student Perspective: Kachi Odoemene

Entering Class of 2011

Undergraduate: George Washington University

Graduate: Purdue University

NIH/National Eye Institute Ruth L. Kirschstein Independent Predoctoral Fellow
William Randolph Hearst Scholar

The Watson School at CSHL has provided me with a fantastic research environment and access to dedicated faculty who are among the leaders in their respective fields. This stimulating atmosphere has enabled me to learn and grow tremendously. I continually draw inspiration for my thesis research from the work of graduate students, postdocs, and professors with whom I interact here, including members of other academic institutions attending CSHL meetings and courses.

As someone whose background was in engineering, I am particularly grateful for the core coursework and qualifying exam in the first year that strengthened my ability to think critically and taught me how to formulate and approach scientific problems. This, in addition to the individual attention and encouragement from the faculty and administrators within the school has been instrumental in my successful transition from engineer to biologist.