Student Perspective: Gowan Tervo

Graduating Class of 2007

Undergraduate: Oxford University (UK)

George A. and Marjorie H. Anderson Fellow
HHMI Predoctoral Fellow

I first came to Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory as an undergraduate in the URP program in the summer of 2000. In this program, I was exposed to those things I think make CSHL unique: an intense research environment that is the center of some of the most exciting biological meetings and courses. Since I started graduate school here in the School in 2001, I have come to see that this initial impression is not only true but that these facts also make CSHL ideal for developing as a young scientist. It is the informal opportunities to sit and talk with some of the world's finest scientists that makes CSHL not just a graduate school, but a community with an infective enthusiasm for science. On any given day, you can sit down with a scientist in Blackford dining hall or Blackford bar and come up with ideas for experiments that could change your graduate degree and perhaps your career.