Student Perspective: Elizabeth Murchison

Graduating Class of 2007

Undergraduate: University of Melbourne (Australia)

Elizabeth Sloan Livingston Student
DoD/USArmy Medical Research Breast Cancer Research Program Fellowship

Cold Spring Harbor offers activities to suit all tastes. The beautiful grounds invite themselves for afternoon strolls, while the Harbor is heaven for those who enjoy sailing, rowing, swimming, or fishing. Students are involved in a variety of sports, including tennis, ultimate frisbee, soccer, and the famous Cold Spring Harbor Lab volleyball league.

The Lab is a center for international meetings and courses, creating an exciting atmosphere where students can interact with scientists from around the globe. During the meetings season the Lab holds concerts of a variety of styles and hosts many wine and cheese parties. Blackford Bar is the social hub of the Institute, where students, postdocs, faculty, and visitors alike can relax and enjoy summery evenings.

A one-hour train ride from the Cold Spring Harbor campus takes you to Manhattan, with its multitude of diverse attractions.

The Watson School offers a unique lifestyle to its students – where else can students go fishing while a gel is running, or row across the harbor to class?