Student Perspective: Darren Burgess

Darren Burgess

Graduating Class of 2007

Undergraduate: Christ Church, Oxford University (UK)

Engelhorn Scholar

The first thing that struck me about Cold Spring Harbor Lab was the amazing views across the picturesque campus. This follows four years spent amongst Oxford’s ‘dreaming spires,’ so I can’t help feeling that I’ve been rather spoiled recently. The spacious surrounding area has no local public transport or pavements, so cars are almost essential. However, a direct train link to New York City brings the bright lights and car horns within easy reach. Even after seeing the brochure pictures, living in the Knight house was way beyond my expectations and far more luxury than I really deserved (although I’m not complaining!).

The lab community here is informal and friendly, with everyone approachable and interested in your success. The students are also internationally diverse, with a large presence from Stony Brook University. Strong collaborations and interactions across various research areas help make this place an innovative, leading institution and an exciting place to do research.