Student Perspective: Charles Kopec

Graduating Class of 2006

Undergraduate: Rutgers University

Lindsay-Goldberg Fellow

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is the ideal location for science but it’s also the perfect setting to take a break from one's work in the lab. Personally, I enjoy using the back roads around the Lab for jogging each day. Without much traffic, it is the ideal environment to escape ones thoughts while staying in shape. On rainy days, though, the newly renovated gym serves that purpose quite well. When I’m not collecting my thoughts on a jog, I try to get a few minutes of fishing in each day. Working right on the harbor, I can easily keep track of the tide so I know exactly when to put down my pipetor and pick up my fishing rod. Two times a year, large runs of blue fish come into the inner harbor and make for great afternoons of fishing and evening barbecues with friends. When all else fails I’ll walk up the wooded path behind the lab to tend my garden plot. Trust me, the joy of a good harvest can easily offset the disappointment of a failed experiment.