Student Perspective: Catherine Cormier

cathy cormier

Graduating Class of 2007

Undergraduate: Boston University

Beckman Graduate Student
NSF Graduate Research Fellow

One of the distinctive aspects of the School is its innovative curriculum. The core courses taken in the first semester are unique because instead of learning facts out of textbooks you learn how to critically think about, write about, and present science. Although the courses in the first semester are quite rigorous, the professors are supportive, and through weekly evaluations, you always know where you are and have the opportunity to improve. After the first semester, three rotations allow you to explore your scientific interests to help you decide on a thesis laboratory or allow you to just try something new. Also each year, a Topics in Biology course and a postgraduate course give you the chance to interact with experts in various fields both to extend your scientific knowledge and to critically think about new problems. Even though the curriculum is challenging, this challenge is what drew me to the School, and so far, the educational experience has far exceeded my expectations.