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Incident Report Form

    IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY, please call security (Ext. 5555) or 911

    Please complete as much information as possible. The timing and manner in which the Lab response to this report will vary depending on the information provided and whether you wish to remain anonymous.

    This form can be used to report an incident involving an alleged violation of:

    • Equal Opportunity Policy - Policy prohibiting discrimination, harassment, and retaliation in the workplace, and setting forth the Laboratory's procedures for handling complaints relating to alleged discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.

    • Interim Title IX - Title IX of the federal Higher Education law prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program or activity receiving federal assistance.

    • Whistleblower Policy - Policy outlining reporting procedures and protections available to CSHL employees (current or former), independent contractors, volunteers and students who seek to report workplace activities reasonably considered to be illegal or dishonest.

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    Depending on the nature of an alleged incident, CSHL may be required to take action based on information contained in a report. In the course of an investigation, information will be shared as necessary with people who need to know, such as investigators, witnesses, and the respondent. Any response by CSHL may be hindered by the complainant's request for anonymity and/or inaction.

    * What type of resolution/next steps are you seeking by submitting this report?

    * Please know that, depending on the nature of an alleged incident, a student who files a report may or may not be able to fully participate in a process or become aware of a resolution. With this in mind, to what level of involvement are you seeking in an investigation or resolution?

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