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Charting a course for the future

In 2015, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) celebrated its 125th anniversary. Throughout its storied history, CSHL has helped shape modern science through discoveries in cancer, plant biology, neuroscience, and quantitative biology. This foundation has positioned CSHL as one of the top research and science education institutions in the world.

Find out what’s next for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, in ‘Our vision’ for the years just ahead, and a preview of ‘Tomorrow’s science.’

Our vision

Lab leaders Dr. Bruce Stillman, President & CEO, and W. Dillaway Ayres, COO, have charted a course for the future that stresses excellence, a growing endowment & continued independence. 10 brief videos tell the story.

You can make a difference in our future

The revolution in molecular biology is far from over. In the years ahead, CSHL researchers are going to expand upon the extraordinary infrastructure we have developed, using molecular and cellular technologies to make discoveries that will improve the human condition.

Tomorrow's science

Seven senior CSHL scientists and Nobel laureate James Watson speak briefly—in unrehearsed video candids—on where research will lead us in the years just ahead.