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History Leadership Research Highlights Facts & Figures
History Leadership Research Highlights Facts and Figures


Our research is generating knowledge that will lead to better diagnostics and treatments for major diseases.

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) is a private, not-for-profit research and education institution at the forefront of molecular biology and genetics.


We are organized into six divisions:

  • Research:  Generates knowledge that will yield better diagnostics and treatments for cancer, neurological diseases and other major diseases, and that will lead to improved and more diverse food resources and more efficient biofuels.
  • Watson School of Biological Sciences:  Trains the next generation of scientists through an innovative Ph.D. program and other educational offerings.
  • Meetings and Courses:   Brings together more than 12,500 scientists each year from around the world to present and evaluate new data and ideas in biological research.
  • Banbury Center:   Provides a crossroads where scientists discuss important topics in molecular biology, human genetics and science policy, among others.
  • DNA Learning Centers:  Educates the public about genetics through the nation’s first science centers dedicated to this purpose.
  • CSHL Press:  Publishes invaluable materials for the worldwide scientific community and the public.

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Support innovative research and education programs.

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Pursue groundbreaking research and education initiatives in state-of-art facilities on the beautiful north shore of Long Island,NY.

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Technology Transfer
Get information about licensing CSHL intellectual property.

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CSHL Association
Become a member and help support young scientists.

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