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Welcome to Biology + Beyond

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A special edition of Nautilus magazine illustrates how CSHL is breaking new ground in the world of biology and beyond. A multidisciplinary perspective drives our research, and this issue highlights the intersections of those scientific disciplines.
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Welcome to a special edition of Biology + Beyond, a storytelling collaboration between Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) and Nautilus that invites you to discover the many ways biological research impacts our lives.

We’re very excited about the wide range of topics in this issue, which showcase the diversity of CSHL’s research. You’re guaranteed to find a story that speaks to your own curiosity.

For example, did you know that mothers are genetically wired to nurture their young? Or that next-generation artificial intelligence depends on neuroscience? Did you think growing tissue samples in 3D environments might make a difference for pancreas cancer patients? Have you wondered how much genomic knowledge goes into a single ear of sweet corn? Or how many ancient viruses are lurking in your own genome?

CSHL is the place where this range of questions come together, because of our unique perspective on biology. Our researchers are curiosity-driven and are encouraged to collaborate across multiple disciplines to explore what is unknown. We are a private, not-for-profit institution continuously evolving the fields of molecular biology and genetics through research initiatives, pioneering science education, and innovative platforms for science communication.

Discover CSHL through the stories in this magazine. Join our journey of biological discovery by participating in education and public outreach programs.

— Bruce Stillman, Ph.D.
President & CEO
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Nautilus Biology + Beyond, Special CSHL Issue, Fall 2022

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