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NeuroAI program connects AI experts with neuroscientists

illustration of a robot holding a brain
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory is catalyzing the development of the next-generation of artificial intelligence (AI) by training AI experts in modern neuroscience.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) researchers have yet to get machines to match the thinking power of even simple animals. Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) wants to change that by developing a new program—the NeuroAI Scholars Program—to recruit and train AI experts in modern neuroscience. By working in neuroscience and computational neuroscience laboratories, these scholars are learning the fundamentals of brain biology. They can use insights they glean from real brains as inspiration for next-generation AI networks that emulate a more human-style intelligence.

This interdisciplinary effort is being led by CSHL Professor Anthony Zador, with Professor Alexei Koulakov, and Assistant Professor Tatiana Engel, and is being funded by Schmidt Futures.

The NeuroAI Scholars Program is building on the Laboratory’s history of using computational approaches to neuroscience—for example to map neurons in the brain and to learn how decision-making works in mice. In addition, CSHL hosts an annual meeting on the topic.

Written by: Luis Sandoval, Communications Specialist | | 516-367-6826

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