Confidentiality Policy

Banbury Center meetings are discussion meetings at which participants talk freely about their own work, including unpublished data, and comment on presentations in a critical but positive manner. To engage in this style of meeting, participants must be confident that their data and remarks remain confidential.

  • All presentations must be regarded as personal communications and not referred to except with the written permission of the individual being quoted, and with due acknowledgement in any paper.
  • Blogging and tweeting of the contents of a Banbury Center meeting is not permitted.
  • The proceedings of Banbury Center meetings must not be recorded using tape recorders, still or video cameras, or any other mechanical or electronic devices.
  • There must be no press release or similar public communication of the proceedings of a Banbury Center meeting without the written consent of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  • Participation in Banbury Center meetings implies acceptance of these conditions which are intended to encourage free communication and discussion of unpublished work.