Confidentiality Policy

Banbury Center meetings encourage participants to speak freely about their own work, including unpublished data, and to comment on presentations in a positive, but critical manner. To engage in this style of meeting, participants must be assured that their data and remarks remain confidential. Participants are free to use the information received/conveyed for their own purposes, however:

  • All presentations must be regarded as personal communications and not referred to except with the written permission of the presenting/quoted individual, and with acknowledgement in any paper.
  • Neither the identity nor the affiliation of the presenter, nor that of any other participant, may be revealed without written permission of the individual.
  • The proceedings of Banbury Center meetings must not be recorded using tape recorders, still or video cameras, or any other mechanical or electronic devices.
  • Presentation data slides must not be photographed; copies of slides should be obtained by enquiring with the speaker directly.
  • There must be no press release or similar public communication of the proceedings of a Banbury Center meeting without the written consent of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
  • Blogging, tweeting, or otherwise using social media to post the contents of a Banbury Center meeting are not permitted.
  • A meeting program and list of participants will be included in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory annual report and on the CSHL website. Any participant who does not wish to be listed should contact The Banbury Center directly.
  • Participants will be asked to join a group photo to commemorate the meeting, and candid photos may be taken during breaks. If a participant does not wish to be photographed, they must notify an organizer or Banbury Center staff.

Participation in Banbury Center meetings implies acceptance of these conditions.

While sharing content of meetings, or identifying participants on social media is not permitted, acceptable use may include general impressions of the meeting/meeting topic or Center. Photos of presentation slides, blackboard notes, or the meeting program should not be posted; photos of other participants may not be posted without permission.

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