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David Tuveson wins 2022 Luminary Award

photo of David Tuveson
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Professor David Tuveson
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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Professor and Cancer Center Director David Tuveson has earned a 2022 Luminary Award for his groundbreaking pancreatic cancer research and leadership of the CSHL Cancer Center. Tuveson is one of five recipients of the award, presented by The Ruesch Center for the Cure of Gastrointestinal Cancers on November 17, 2022, World Pancreatic Cancer Day.

Luminary Awards honor individuals working to find cures and improve the lives of those affected by these all-too-common and fatal diseases. Recipients are recognized for their contributions to gastrointestinal cancer research, clinical care, and patient advocacy.

“I am honored to accept the Luminary Award for pancreatic cancer research,” Tuveson says. “It reflects the contributions our laboratory members have made over the past 21 years. Our models of pancreatic cancer have revealed new insights into disease pathogenesis and identified new therapeutic and diagnostic strategies.”

Tuveson’s pioneering work with organoids—miniature versions of tumors—led to the first mouse models for two types of pancreatic cancer in 2020. That same year, he helped found the CSHL organoid facility, which develops, stores, and shares organoids for cancer research at the Laboratory and abroad. These resources have been invaluable in preclinical studies of targeted pancreatic cancer therapies.

During Tuveson’s time as director, the Cancer Center has been at the forefront of efforts to combat the deadly disease. “We are currently participating in an international, organoid-based clinical trial for patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer,” he says. “If the organoids are predictive of patient outcomes, they will be further developed for the identification of improved therapies for pancreatic cancer patients.”

Written by: Nick Wurm, Communications Specialist | | 516-367-5940

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