Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press Price and Cost Transparency Data 2023

Our four research journals, Genome ResearchGenes & Development, RNA, Learning & Memory, are Transformative Journals moving to a fully open access model when 75% of articles are being published open access. We report and update their progress on this page. In addition, we are also commited to these titles becoming fully open access  in accordance with Plan S guidelines.

CSHL PLAN S Transparency Data

Contents Overview

  • Growth in key Metrics for Plan S progress for expanding the percentage Open Access article publication in hybrid journals
    • and meet Plan S progress milestones
  • Hybrid Subscription Prices
    • lowered to prevent double-dipping in accord with Plan S guidance (using models from the Royal Society and methodology from Tasha Mellins-Cohen
  • CSHL Press – APC fees Expense breakout
    • transparency for these costs as proposed by Plan S
    • please note that CSHLP fees are among the lowest for journals of similar quality from both for-profit and non-profit publishers
  • CSHL and CSHL Press have been firmly committed and engaged in fostering the growth of open access communication for many years in several key ways
    • as stewards of core peer-reviewed research journals in biology, molecular biology, genetics and related disciplines
    • as founders of bioRxiv and medRxiv preprint servers for researchers to communicate, comment and share their research in advance of peer-review (and as a submission portal to more than 250 journal from more than 95 publishers worldwide

Hybrid Pricing for CSHLP Research Journal Subscriptions

  • 2023 prices were adjusted to reflect increase in OA content vs non-OA
    • using comparative “3-year period” model suggested by Royal Society
  • All journals saw growth in OA % which helped reduce subscription increases
    • All journals saw growth in OA % which helped moderate subscription prices
  • Pricing was based on a methodology suggested by Tasha Mellon-Cohen in her article “Price Transparency: Let’s Make It Simple” and her consultation for CSHLP hybrid journal 2023 subscription pricing
  • Mellins-Cohen, Tasha. 2021. “Price Transparency: Let’s Make It Simple”. Insights 34 (1): 17. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1629/uksg.551
  • As reflected in the data below CSHLP hybrid titles will have a price increase of no more than 2% in 2023.
  • 2023 pricing reflects application of the OA vs non-OA growth as noted, the principles outlined in “Price Transparency” combined with the 2022 inflation rate of 7%, which is the benchmark used by many STEM publishers (from the US Department of Commerce (January 2022).
  • APC prices are consistent across all CSHLP research titles. Expenses are, on average, also consistent for each title and are detailed in the chart below.