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Teens get hands-on lab experience in Saturday DNA! sessions

Photo of a student at the DNALC in Brooklyn
A student at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center (DNALC) location in Brooklyn, NY; the DNALC’s first Saturday DNA! session of 2023 will be held January 21 at the Dolan Center in Cold Spring Harbor, NY.

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Saturday DNA! sessions return to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory DNA Learning Center (DNALC), January 21, 2023. These fun-filled two-hour science workshops use hands-on learning to teach teenagers about genetics’ role in our everyday lives.

The first session is called “Pathogens, Plasmids, and Petri Dishes–Oh My!” Students, ages 14 and up, will learn about bacteria, antibiotics, and why they can be good and bad. They will also run some antibiotic experiments of their own.

“This is a lab I didn’t get to do until I enrolled in a college microbiology course,” says Kelly Eames, the DNALC educator leading the session at the Dolan Center in Cold Spring Harbor, NY. Eames knows first-hand the value of these workshops, not only from her experience as a teacher. “I personally attended Saturday DNA! sessions in high school,” she says. “I was excited to get hands-on with topics I was interested in and meet new people who felt the same.”

The DNALC is the first science center devoted to teaching the public about genetics. Its interactive workshops expose students to a lab environment early on in their education, inspiring some to pursue careers in STEM and making science more accessible for all.

Tickets for “Pathogens, Plasmids, and Petri Dishes–Oh My!” are available now. All seats must be reserved in advance via eventbrite.

Written by: Luis Sandoval, Communications Specialist | | 516-367-6826

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