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Krainer named Society for RNA Therapeutics board member

photo of Adrian Krainer
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Professor Adrian Krainer
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If RNA therapeutics were once considered the future of medicine, that future is now. Studies suggest RNA-based treatments have saved tens of millions of lives over the past few years. Now, the newly formed Society for RNA Therapeutics has come together to help further this cutting-edge science.

On April 10, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Professor Adrian Krainer was named a member of the Society’s charter board of directors. The board consists of 14 individuals from some of the world’s most renowned science and health institutions. Krainer is recognized as a leading expert in RNA splicing. His research in this area led to the breakthrough drug Spinraza® as well as potential treatments for cystic fibrosis and a deadly pediatric brain cancer.

“I’m excited to be part of the new Society for RNA Therapeutics and to help advance RNA research, technology, and education,” says Krainer. “RNA research is already having an extraordinary impact on health, most recently with the global deployment of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.”

John P. Cooke, the Society’s founding president, agrees. “RNA therapeutics are changing the way medicine is developed and delivered,” he says. “The Society for RNA Therapeutics is dedicated to serving scientists, clinicians, patient groups, policymakers, and the broader public.”

Written by: Samuel Diamond, Editorial Content Manager | | 516-367-5055

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