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Immunologist Peter Westcott joins CSHL faculty

photo of Peter Westcott
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Assistant Professor Peter Westcott
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Peter Westcott joins Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) as an assistant professor and Cancer Center member on Sept. 6, 2022. Westcott’s research explores how the immune system shapes tumor evolution. His lab combines cancer genomics and immunology to understand how the immune system fails to react as cancer develops. He hopes this understanding may lead to new immunotherapies for a wide range of cancer patients.

Westcott says it is a dream come true to join CSHL. “It is incredibly humbling to join the faculty at CSHL, with its illustrious and storied history, and I cannot imagine a better environment for nurturing creative science,” he says. “The level of cross-disciplinary pollination is amazing, and I see many opportunities for deeply meaningful collaboration.”

Previously, Westcott was a postdoctoral fellow at the Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. He completed his doctoral research at the University of California, San Francisco.

Written by: Nick Wurm, Communications Specialist | | 516-367-5940

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