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Howard Hughes Medical Institute renews support for CSHL postgraduate courses

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Cold Spring Harbor, NY — The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) recently awarded Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) a new four-year grant totaling $2.475 million to support postgraduate education. The grant will support current laboratory and lecture courses as well as allowing CSHL to start new courses.

CSHL offers approximately 25 high-level courses that attract more than 1,000 scientists each year. Directed primarily at predoctoral, postdoctoral and faculty level scientists, these intensive courses allow practicing researchers to immerse themselves in new techniques and ideas that they can apply immediately to their own research. For more than 60 years, courses at CSHL have trained rising stars in emerging disciplines and shaped the direction of research, both at CSHL and elsewhere.

HHMI is a nonprofit medical research organization that is helping to enhance science education at all levels and maintain the vigor of biomedical science worldwide. With their support, CSHL is able to continue to offer many of its most popular courses while also having the opportunity to chart new territory.

“HHMI’s support is absolutely invaluable to the courses program. It enables us to support our current program of cutting-edge courses as well as to start new exciting courses as soon as they are needed by the community,” said Terri Grodzicker, Ph.D., Dean for Academic Affairs at CSHL.

“At a time of increased pressure on federal funding, this continued support is enormously important for CSHL’s course program, and allows us the freedom to train young scientists from throughout the US and around the world in the latest techniques and approaches that will immediately impact their own research. HHMI’s continued support allows us to recruit leading experts from universities and institutes around the US to teach in the program,” said David Stewart, Ph.D., Executive Director of Meetings & Courses.

HHMI has supported CSHL courses since 1988, awarding $11.3 million for operating the course program and $21 million ($7 million in 1988 and $15 million in 2010) to establish and maintain the infrastructure needed for training that spans the biological disciplines and the computational and physical sciences. HHMI also contributes to CSHL’s Watson School of Biological Sciences, its Dolan DNA Learning Center and funds three of CSHL’s distinguished professors in their groundbreaking cancer and structural biology research.

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