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Assistant Professor Cheadle named Next Generation Leader

photo of Lucas Cheadle
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Assistant Professor Lucas Cheadle
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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) Assistant Professor Lucas Cheadle has been appointed a Next Generation Leader by the Allen Institute for Brain Science. Cheadle studies gene and protein expression in specialized immune cells called microglia to understand how sensory experience influences brain development and function. His research helps neuroscientists better understand developmental disorders such as autism.

The Next Generation Leaders program offers early-career neuroscience researchers a seat on a unique research advisory panel at the Allen Institute. “These advisors are really the rising leaders in their fields. They bring fresh, invaluable perspectives to conversations about our research,” said Saskia de Vries, co-chair of the Next Generation Leaders Committee. The program also provides professional development for its members by offering networking opportunities and training on how to serve as scientific advisors.

The Next Generation Leaders Council will convene virtually at the Showcase Symposium in December 2020. They will present their research and give feedback on research presented by early-career Allen Institute researchers. Cheadle says that “becoming an Allen Institute Next Generation Leader is a huge honor that will give me the opportunity to develop professional advisory skills, form new networks, and help shape the climate of neuroscience for years to come.”

Written by: Jasmine Lee, Content Developer/Communicator | | 516-367-8845

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