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Tatiana Engel
Tatiana Engel

For neuroscientists, the brain presents an almost endless number of mysteries to be solved. Assistant Professor Tatiana Engel, the newest addition to CSHL’s Swartz Center for Computational Neuroscience, is focused on the dynamics of neural circuits. She wants to understand the role of changing neural activity patterns in decision-making and attention.

While earning her doctorate in Physics at Humboldt University in Germany, Engel became interested in computational neuroscience. She welcomed the ability to use mathematical tools, like the analysis of complex systems, for real-life applications. Recruited to CSHL from Stanford University’s Howard Hughes Medical Institute, where she was a Research Scientist, Engel is now working on a new way to analyze large-scale neural recordings, in which signals from many neurons, throughout the brain, are collected as animals perform a variety of tasks.

She looks forward to helping establish consensus among the scientific community on how to process the copious amount of data such experiments generate.

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