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Tour a CSHL lab with film icon Isabella Rossellini

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The worlds of art and science are closer than you think. In many ways, they’re connected. This weekend you can see the two become one, live and in-person at Grace Auditorium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL).

On Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon, film icon Isabella Rossellini (Blue Velvet, Death Becomes Her) will perform her new one-woman show, Darwin’s Smile, at one of the nation’s most historic and celebrated science institutions. As if that’s not enough of a draw, after the Saturday night show, Rossellini will sit down for a live Q&A with CSHL neuroscientist Helen Hou.

Recently, Rossellini was treated to an exclusive tour of Hou’s lab. There, the Italian actress was granted an up-close look at Hou’s studies of facial expressions in mice. You can catch a glimpse of this fascinating research in the video above. Then see it all come together this weekend as CSHL presents two special performances of Darwin’s Smile.

Limited seating is still available for both the March 4 and March 5 performances. Click here to get your tickets to Darwin’s Smile today.