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Third time’s a charm: Women’s Partnership for Science Luncheon successful again

Women’s Partnership for Science committee co-chairwomen Nancy Tilghman, Kristin Perkin Davison and Cristina Mariani-May at the third annual luncheon and lecture to support women scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.

What makes us attracted to one person over another? Could there be a day when a scientist effectively creates the genetic equivalent of Don Juan, Love Potion #9, or find a way to limit passion and romance? Dr. Helen Fisher, author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love, discussed these issues of human behavior at the Third Annual Women’s Partnership for Science Lecture and Luncheon on Sunday, June 27, 2004 at Peacock Point, Locust Valley, the waterfront home of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Davison. Chaired by Kristina Perkin Davison, Cristina Mariani-May, Deborah Norville and Nancy Tilghman, the Women’s Partnership for Science is an initiative that supports women scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and develops outreach programs encouraging young women to pursue careers in science.

Women’s Partnership For Science

Kristina Perkin Davison
Cristina Mariani-May
Deborah Norville
Nancy Tilghman

Vice Chairwomen
Catherine Colley
Blair Husain
Jennifer Vandeventer


Elizabeth Ainslie
Sophie Ayres
Jamie Nicholls Biondi
Helen Bonebrake
Meg Braff
Alison Brown
Beth Burrus
Anne Byers
Linda H. Calabrese
Kristin Clark
Isobel Coleman
Mary Darling
Katusha Davison
Kerry Gaines
Caroline Gerry
Lola Grace
Delphine Hibon
Haideh Hirmand
Heidi Holterbosch
Paula Rand Hornbostel
Carol Jansing
Simone Mailman
Anjali Melwani
Monique Merrill
Gillian Shepherd Mestre
Jennifer Naylor
Caroline O’Neill
Claudia Overstrom
Marianne Perkin
Nicole Gresham Perry
Terry Phipps
Betsy Pitts
Valerie Post
Julie Rinaldini
Judith Rivkin
Jill Roosevelt
Alexia Hamm Ryan
Debbie Stevenson
Kristina Stewart
Grace Stillman
Helene Suozzi
Jane Sussman
Elizabeth Tilghman
Maria Villalba
Elizabeth Watson
Alison Wilson

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