Public Events

CSHL hosts many events all year long for science enthusiasts of all ages to attend… no Ph.D. required! We invite the general public to experience knowledge and nature at CSHL by taking a tour or participating in our concert & lecture programs.

Event Calendar


Events in March 2020

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    Saturday DNA! Plasmid Manipulation
    Ötzi the Iceman Museum Tour - Mar 7
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    Canceled Public Lecture: Defeating cancer
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    DNALC Live: DNA Extraction from Wheat Germ
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    DNALC Live: Bacterial Transformation
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    DNALC Live: Mutant Organisms
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    DNALC Live: DNA Fingerprint
  • -
    DNALC Live: Kitchen Science: Human DNA Extraction
    DNALC Live: What DNA Says About Our Human Family, Episode I
    DNALC Live: DNA Structure
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    DNALC Live: DNA Restriction Analysis
    DNALC Live: DNALC Chat
    DNALC Live: The Mystery of Anastasia