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Base Pairs episodes without music

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Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory’s award-winning podcast, Base Pairs, tells stories that convey the power of genetic information—past and present.

Listening to a podcast is easy

Let us show you how in our online tutorial: How to listen to a Base Pairs podcast.

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A letter to our listeners

Hey, everyone,

Base Pairs is “the podcast about the power of genetic information,” but talking about that subject is not our only goal. We’re not here just to wow you with intriguing science stories. Our hope is that, at the end of every episode, you tuck your headphones away satisfied with having learned something new.

And to that end—in the spirit of sharing knowledge—we’ve created a downloadable library of every full Base Pairs episode under a CC BY-NC-SA license. We’ve also stripped all these versions of their background music for clarity and editing purposes. Our goal is to make it easier to use excerpts from Base Pairs as educational resources or even to play them in your own podcast or video—so long as you give credit and share-alike under the same creative-commons license.

So please make use of what Base Pairs has to offer! And, as always, “stay tuned for more science stories.”

Andrea and Brian
at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory