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Biology of Genomes #bog12
Biology of genomes: #bog12

2012 “Biology of Genomes” in 140 ch@r@cters

CSHL’s annual “The Biology of Genomes” meeting, held May 8-12 this year, has come to be known as the yearly shindig for researchers working in the vast and rapidly growing field of genomics. Named one of the top scientific conferences based on many criteria such as the quality of speakers, networking opportunities, etc., the meeting is over-subscribed every year and this year was no different.

Reflecting the democratic, (relatively) open nature of science, most of their speakers made their talks “tweetable.” So for those unable to attend, the next best alternative to being here on CSHL’s lovely campus was to follow the conversation on Twitter using the rather unfelicitous hashtag #bog12. The tweets are a great mix of research talking points, the “seen and heard” buzz during break times, and general observations about presentations.

Fair warning for those who want to catch up now: It might take a while to get through the tweets—all 2021 of them—in one go!

But if genomics in 140 characters won’t do, here are some links to news summaries of various talks:

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