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The Great North American Eclipse

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Where were you for the total eclipse of April 8, 2024, also known as the Great North American Eclipse?

At Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), faculty, students, and staff gathered at Hillside Patio, at Airslie Beach, and along Bungtown Road for their moment in the moon’s shadow. As the dark lunar disc crept across the sun, CSHL Assistant Professor Jeremy Borniger was there to capture it all in real time.

“This happens multiple times a year throughout the world,” Borniger explains. “But in North America, it hasn’t happened in several decades, so it’s a special day.”

Borniger has taken some impressive shots of the night sky above CSHL. But this was his first time turning his telescope toward our own yellow star. The results speak for themselves. Check out the video above to relive this amazing celestial phenomenon—no eclipse glasses required.