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2022 Double Helix Medal winner Dr. Albert Bourla

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How has Pfizer impacted global health and medicine since COVID-19? The company’s chairman and CEO, Dr. Albert Bourla, offers his thoughts in this new video. Bourla earned a 2022 Double Helix Medal for spearheading the rapid development of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.

Since taking over at Pfizer, he has worked to accelerate the company’s transformation to a more science-driven, innovative organization. Bourla sold off the company’s consumer and non-patent products businesses to focus Pfizer’s resources on research and development. He then created a “Purpose Blueprint” to guide how those resources were used.

Two years later, Bourla issued the biopharmaceutical industry’s first sustainability bond. The bond helps make Pfizer’s medicines and vaccines available to more patients. It also helps reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Under his leadership, Pfizer has committed to educating the next generation of scientists. The pharmaceutical giant partnered with CSHL’s DNA Learning Center to expand the reach of its hands-on science programs to more students in underfunded school districts.

Find out more about Pfizer’s work and Dr. Bourla’s vision for public health in the video above.

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