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Masthead Cove Yacht Club supports CSHL research

photo of the Masthead Cove board of trustees in Grace Auditorium
Members of the Masthead board in Grace Auditorium at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.
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Each year, the Masthead Cove Yacht Club (MCYC) hosts an annual Masthead Race to raise funds for research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). The Club raised $4,500 at its August 8, 2021 event in the Huntington Bay area. CSHL research investigator Jon Ipsaro and computational postdoc Olivia Mendivil Ramos addressed the race participants as featured speakers.

The event has been held every year since 2006 in memory of Carol Marcincuk, former MCYC Commodore. Marcincuk was an avid sailor and a CSHL employee who died of ovarian cancer in 2004.

On October 6, 2021, members of the Masthead board visited the newly renovated Demerec building and the lab of CSHL Professor John E. Moses, who joined the Laboratory as its first chemistry professor in September 2020. His research interests include click chemistry, anti-cancer drug discovery, and chemical biology. Moses and an international team of chemists recently won the inaugural Horizon Chemistry Prize from the Royal Society of Chemistry. The Horizon Prize in Chemistry celebrates groundbreaking, contemporary chemical science at the cutting edge of research and innovation.

With this year’s generous donation, the MCYC contributions from the annual race total over $94,000.

Written by: Jasmine Lee, Content Developer/Communicator | | 516-367-8845

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