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Hannon named director of Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Dr. Greg Hannon
Dr. Greg Hannon

Dr. Greg Hannon has been named the new director of the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, effective February 1. Currently, an adjunct professor and HHMI Investigator at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Hannon was a mainstay of the CSHL faculty for over 20 years, and one of several people at the Lab who helped design the Ph.D. program of the Watson School of Biological Sciences. He accepted a faculty position at Cambridge in 2014. Internationally recognized for his contributions to small RNA biology, cancer biology, and mammalian genomics, Hannon has developed widely used tools and strategies for manipulation of gene expression in mammalian cells and animals, including those featuring RNA interference (RNAi) and exome capture. Recently, Hannon and colleagues won a “grand challenge” award to build a 3D tumor that can be studied using virtual reality. The technology is designed to allow multiple doctors and scientists to look at a tumor at once, to improve diagnosis and treatment of patients.

Written by: Peter Tarr, Senior Science Writer | | 516-367-8455

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