Michael Schatz

Michael Schatz

Adjunct Associate Professor

mschatz@cshl.edu | (516) 367-5218

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Michael Schatz is a computational biologist and an expert at large-scale computational examination of DNA sequencing data, including the alignment, assembly, and analysis of next-generation sequencing reads. These methods have been used to reconstruct the genomes of previously unsequenced organisms, probe sequence variations, and explore a host of biological features across the tree of life. Recent improvements in sequencing technologies are challenging our capacity to store and analyze the huge volume of DNA sequence data being generated. Consequently, Schatz is particularly interested in capitalizing on the latest advances in distributed and parallel computing, especially cloud computing technologies, to advance the state of the art in bioinformatics and genomics. In a recent breakthrough, Schatz was able to create a hybrid software-based solution to eliminate errors in so-called third-generation sequencing. This makes it remarkably easier to compile, align, and analyze full-genome sequences.

2015:  Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship

2014 NSF Early CAREER Award

2012 CSHL Winship Herr Award for Excellence in Teaching

2011 CSHL Winship Herr Award for Excellence in Teaching

2010 Young Investigator of the Year, Genome Technology

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