Darryl Pappin

Darryl Pappin

Research Professor
Cancer Center Member

Ph.D., University of Leeds, 1984

pappin@cshl.edu | (516) 367-6882

Faculty Profile

Our genome can encode hundreds of thousands of different proteins, the molecular machines that do the work that is the basis of life. I use proteomics, a combination of protein chemistry, mass spectrometry and informatics, to identify precisely which proteins are present in cells—cells from different tissues, developmental stages, and disease states such as cancer—and what has changed between these states.

Darryl Pappin’s lab develops chemical and computational methods for analysis of proteins and peptides. These are fundamental tools for proteomics, and they are vital in many fields of biological investigation. Proteins and peptides are typically analyzed via mass spectrometry, a method that involves fragmenting samples by colliding them with gas atoms in a vacuum. Masses of the resulting fragments are measured, and computer algorithms match the results with known or predicted molecules whose amino acid sequences are either known or inferred. Pappin has developed search engines for mass spectrometry data that enable investigators to sift hundreds of thousands of experimental spectra at a time for database matches. Along with chemical methods for quantifying protein changes, the laboratory has applied these approaches to the characterization of redox and glycosylation changes in pancreatic cancer, identification of cell-surface antigens for cancer diagnostics, and both protein and metabolic changes in prostate cancer and leukemia. The Pappin laboratory is also exploring methods to reduce sample complexity via called chemical sorting. This includes the use of chelation to enrich phosphopeptides from the total peptide pool and the use of biotin-tagged small-molecules to segregate free thiol groups for redox proteomics.

All Publications

Prostate tumor-induced stromal reprogramming generates Tenascin C that promotes prostate cancer metastasis through YAP/TAZ inhibition

29 Nov 2021 | Oncogene
Lee, Yu-Chen, Lin, Song-Chang, Yu, Guoyu, Zhu, Ming, Song, Jian, Rivera, Keith, Pappin, Darryl, Logothetis, Christopher, Panaretakis, Theocharis, Wang, Guocan, Yu-Lee, Li-Yuan, Lin, Sue-Hwa

Oncogenic KRAS engages an RSK1/NF1 pathway to inhibit wild-type RAS signaling in pancreatic cancer.

25 May 2021 | Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of USA | 118(21):e2016904118
Cheng, Derek, Oni, Tobiloba, Thalappillil, Jennifer, Park, Youngkyu, Ting, Hsiu-Chi, Alagesan, Brinda, Prasad, Nadia, Addison, Kenneth, Rivera, Keith, Pappin, Darryl, Van Aelst, Linda, Tuveson, David

PHAROH lncRNA regulates Myc translation in hepatocellular carcinoma via sequestering TIAR.

18 May 2021 | eLife | 10
Yu, Allen, Berasain, Carmen, Bhatia, Sonam, Rivera, Keith, Liu, Bodu, Rigo, Frank, Pappin, Darryl, Spector, David

Author Correction: Mito-oncology agent: fermented extract suppresses the Warburg effect, restores oxidative mitochondrial activity, and inhibits in vivo tumor growth.

29 Jan 2021 | Scientific Reports | 11(1):3036
Bencze, Gyula, Bencze, Szilvia, Rivera, Keith, Watson, James, Hidvegi, Mate, Orfi, Laszlo, Tonks, Nicholas, Pappin, Darryl

MaTAR25 lncRNA regulates the Tensin1 gene to impact breast cancer progression

22 Dec 2020 | Nature Communications | 11(1):6438
Chang, K, Diermeier, S, Yu, A, Brine, L, Russo, S, Bhatia, S, Alsudani, H, Kostroff, K, Bhuiya, T, Brogi, E, Pappin, D, Bennett, C, Rigo, F, Spector, D

Oncogenic KRAS engages an RSK1/NF1 complex in pancreatic cancer

14 Sep 2020 | BioRxiv
Cheng, D, Oni, T, Park, Y, Thalappillil, J, Ting, H-C, Alagesan, B, Prasad, N, Rivera, K, Pappin, D, Van Aelst, L, Tuveson, D

Detection of incipient pancreatic cancer with novel tumor-specific antibodies in mouse models

10 Sep 2020 | bioRxiv
Oni, Tobiloba, Bautista, Carmelita, Merrill, Joseph, Goos, Jeroen, Rivera, Keith, Miyabayashi, Koji, Biffi, Giulia, Garcia, Libia, Plenker, Dennis, Patel, Hardik, Elyada, Ela, Samaritano, Maria, Yu, Kenneth, Pappin, Darryl, Goggins, Michael, Hruban, Ralph, Lewis, Jason, Lyons, Scott, Yeh, Johannes, Tuveson, David

Mito-oncology agent: fermented extract suppresses the Warburg effect, restores oxidative mitochondrial activity, and inhibits in vivo tumor growth

25 Aug 2020 | Scientific Reports | 10(1):14174
Bencze, G, Bencze, S, Rivera, K, Watson, J, Orfi, L, Tonks, N, Pappin, D

SimpliFi: a data-to-meaning analytics engine to bring omics understanding to all

Aug 2020 | Journal of Biomolecular Techniques | 31(Suppl):S1
Wilson, J, Palmeri, J, Pappin, D

Tryp-N: A Thermostable Protease for the Production of N-terminal Argininyl and Lysinyl Peptides

Mar 2020 | Journal of Proteome Research | 19(4):1459-1469
Wilson, J, Ipsaro, J, Del Giudice, S, Turna, N, Gauss, C, Dusenbury, K, Marquart, K, Rivera, K, Pappin, D

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