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Science Shorts: Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?

After the success of the 5 minute science talks at the recent open house we decided they could be helpful for a wider audience. So we reconvened the speakers and re-did the talks with that in mind, thus creating our new CSHL SCIENCE SHORTS series.

About SCIENCE SHORTS: Each short talk of approximately 5 minutes, explores a topic or area of research at CSHL. They were designed for non-scientific audience and given by a CSHL Ph.D. student or postdoc.

May is National Cancer Research Month so the first talk we present in this series is “Why haven’t we cured cancer yet?” by Gayatri Arun Ph.D., a postdoc in Professor David L. Spector’s lab.

Please let us know how you like it, all comments are welcomed as we bring you this series and improve it.

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