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National Cancer Research Month

May: National Cancer Research Month

It’s “National Cancer Research Month,” as declared by the United States Congress following a resolution introduced by members of the Senate Cancer Coalition in 2007. At CSHL, which has been an NCI-designated Cancer Center since 1987, cancer researchers are investigating cancer’s molecular basis with a multidisciplinary approach that aims to improve diagnosis and treatment of all major forms of the disease. Each year, research at CSHL contributes an immense trove of information to bring us closer to winning the now 40-year-old war on cancer.

In the last 12 months alone, CSHL scientists have made major advances on many fronts in this war and against many types of cancer. In recognition of National Cancer Research Month, here’s some of the key achievements in cancer research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (pdf).

Visit the CSHL Cancer Center webpage for highlights of cancer research at CSHL since 2005.

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