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High school students support pancreatic cancer research in a big way

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory has its fair share of donors—amazing people looking to further the efforts of our labs and the science that’s done there. However, rarely can any one lab say that it has four-figure donors who are still in high school.

LVHS team pancreatic cancer walk
Team ‘Acing Cancer,’ consisting of high school students from the Locust Valley Central School district pose just before the Long Island Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk. The team raised just over $3,500 to further important research done at CSHL.

That’s what makes Molly Friedman and Abigail Linnemeyer so special. While most high school seniors were worrying about homecoming and what to be for Halloween, this pair committed themselves to recruiting family, friends, and teammates to walk at this year’s Long Island Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk.

The walk, which took place on Jones Beach on Oct 11, was a fitting prequel for Pancreatic Cancer Awareness Day—a time dedicated to informing people about the fourth leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the United States, and the deadliest among common major cancers.

The students raised more than $2,300 through their participation in the awareness walk and inspired staff members from Locus Valley Central School District to make additional donations. In all, the students and their supporters raised more than $3,500.

“I am so proud of our student-athletes for rallying around their friends in need and supporting such an important cause,” Varsity Girls’ Lacrosse Coach Carolyn Sumcizk, who helped rally local donors, announced soon after learning how much was raised. “It doesn’t surprise me that they spent their personal time helping others, as they so often do.”

Impressed by these results? You can support the “Acing Cancer” team via Team Up for Community.

Of course, there is a personal touch to this story as well. Linnemeyer’s own family had been affected by the cancer, and her teammate Sarah Lubow unfortunately lost her mother to the disease just this year.

The students are donating the fruits of their efforts to CSHL’s Tuveson Lab.

Dedicated to investigating the inner workings of pancreatic cancer, Dr David Tuveson and his team are blazing a trail in cancer genetics research that may one day lead to new diagnostic and therapeutic options.

Dr. Tuveson and his team graciously accepted the donation, stressing the importance of not only their work, but all efforts in the battle against cancer.

Learn more about becoming a donor.