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Labapalooza! at CSHL attracts 400 guests, raises $150,000 for cancer and brain research

Labapalooza 2011
Scientists Shane McCarthy, Emily Hodges, and Antoine Molaro perform as part of rock band 'Jellyfish Explosion'

Molecular biologists by day, rock stars by night

Cold Spring Harbor, NY — Rock bands with names like Jellyfish Explosion & Friends, AC/TG and The Young and The Restless—composed of molecular biologists and other Laboratory employees—jammed throughout the evening of April 9 on the waterside campus of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). The fundraising event, which was produced by the Laboratory’s community-based association, supports research to improve diagnosis and therapies for cancer and brain disorders, including autism, schizophrenia and depression.

“This new event was a fantastic opportunity for the local community to get to know the Laboratory and its scientists by sharing the international languages of music, art and food,” said CSHL Association President Sandy Tytel. “Private philanthropy is a critical driver of today’s most innovative biomedical research and we are proud to have one of the world’s premier research institutions in our backyard.”

The event’s rock stars who double as CSHL scientists by day included vocalist Emily Hodges, Ph.D., who developed the array capture resequencing technology that facilitated recent discoveries about the similarities of Neandertals and modern humans. Another rocker was Research Investigator Shane McCarthy, Ph.D., who has helped show that rare mutations can increase the risk for schizophrenia and autism. By day, guitarist Luke Dow, Ph.D., is a CSHL cancer researcher focused on finding ways to exploit the mutations in tumor cells to develop more targeted and effective therapies for colon cancer and melanoma.

More than 400 guests were treated to fabulous fare from the area’s finest food establishments including Bar Frites, Besito, Birch Hill Market, Fiorello Dolce, La Bonne Boulangerie, La Ginestra, Loafer’s Bakery, Matteo’s Ristorante, Messina Market, Nisen Sushi, Rothmann’s Steakhouse, and Sterling Affair Caterers.

Labapalooza! also showcased notable Long Island painters, sculptors and photographers who donated proceeds from the sale of their works: Robert Armetta, Paul Bachem, Stan Brodsky, Angie Brooksby, Charles Camarda, Leeanna Chipana, Gregory Johnston, William B. Jonas, Frank Olt, David Peikon, Virginia Pierrepont, Lori Shorin, Rob Silverman, Alex Trautwig, Rachel von Roeschlaub, John Wellington, Eunnye Yang, and Cinthya Zepeda Mendoza.

The event was produced by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Association (CSHLA) directors and co-chairs Michele Celestino, Nelson DeMille, Ginny Knott, Laureen Knutsen, Tim O’Neill, David Peikon, Tracey Serko, Heather Spehr and CSHLA President Sandy Tytel.

  • Labapalooza 2011
    Suzanne DiMaio, Augusta Donohue, Todd and Amy Bertsch


Written by: Dagnia Zeidlickis, Vice President, Communications | | 516-367-8455

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