Student Perspective: Anja Hohmann

Anja Hohmann

Graduating Class of 2016

Undergraduate: University of Cambridge

Koch Fellow

I was completing my Masters in England when I first learned about the PhD program offered by the Watson School of Biological Sciences. The program attracted my attention as it is unique for a US institution. Graduate courses are completed within the first semester. Following three to four rotations, a teaching experience in the Dolan DNA Learning Center, and the qualifying exam, students start to work on their theses at the end of the first year. With exams, teaching and most course requirements out of the way, we can dedicate our full attention to our research. This fast-paced program thereby encourages a timely completion of thesis projects, which makes the Watson School stand out from most other Ph.D granting schools in the US.

Since I started here almost two years ago, the two-tier mentoring system has proven to be of great value for my scientific progress. Whilst my research mentor (my PI) is accessible anytime to discuss experimental results, technical details and future directions of my thesis project, my academic mentor is available to advise on opportunities to further my scientific education or potential career paths. This combination provides solid support for my endeavors as a developing scientist.